Job description
Game Designer 

We are a startup based out of Bangalore looking for a game designer with a passion for sports
games, a knack for coding and storytelling, and an understanding of the industry, market and target
audiences. You will be involved in various aspects including developing design and gaming protocols, defining game-play mechanics, coordinating with other game developers.


● Conceptualizing and developing characters, rules, settings and stories for new games and
creating GDD.
● Developing design and gaming protocols.
● Developing plots and storylines, characters, maps, scenarios, and levels of difficulty.
● Create elegant user experience design of the game, ensuring players have the best
● Work with the quality assurance (QA) testers to play the game so they can test it properly.
● An innovative approach to game design and the ability to come up with new and appealing
game ideas.
● Enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry.


● Ample experience as a Lead developer on various projects.
● Must be passionate about mobile games.
● A good eye for detail, sense of art and music would be a plus.
● Must have market knowledge of games.
● Having knowledge of graphics and illustrations is a big plus.
● Commitment and focus to complete every task to a high standard.