Job description
Lead Game Developer

We are a startup based out of Bangalore looking for a specialized Unity Developer to create games in a fast moving environment. You will be involved in various aspects of the game's creation from concept to finished product including coding, programming, audio, design, production and visual arts.


● Write scripts and design storyboards.
● Managing multiple teams and projects.
● Prototyping new games.
● Following industry trends and good practices.
● Developing design and gaming protocols.
● Integration of the multiple games into the application.
● Develop user interface concepts (menus and controls).
● Responsible for beta testing.
● Enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry.


● Technical ability, in particular familiarization with a range of programming languages and
software technologies and packages such as C#, C++ and Python.
● 4+ years of experience in Unity 3D.
● Experience in multiplayer game technology such as Photon Engine.
● Experience with Real money games.
● Project Management skills.
● Must be highly creative and storytelling ability.
● Passion for video games.
● Excellent programming skills.
● Previous experience developing sports games for a wide range of gamers.
● Team working skills and the ability to collaborate with others to create the finished game.
● An innovative approach to game design and the ability to come up with new ideas.
● Commitment and focus to complete every task to a high standard.
● Mathematical and analytical understanding.